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Dental implants

cost £2450  |  Treatment time 4 months

Dental implants are titanium screws that are inserted into your gums where a tooth’s root should be. They can be used to help patients of all ages have a full, healthy smile. And the team at Allsopp Smile has decades of dental implant success stories.

How do they work?

Before we begin, we will have a consultation with you to ensure that you are eligible for implants and have adequate bone volume in your jaw. If everything looks good, we’ll complete digital scans with our Cadent iTero Intraoral scanner and Digital Impression System. Then, we’ll complete the procedure with local anaesthetic, leaving you with a beautiful, healthy smile!

What are they made of?

We offer implant-borne teeth using Straumann implants, which are made of titanium. The natural-looking ‘bone’ part is man-made with either Fortoss vital or Straumann bone ceramic.

We are recognised for our work

Straumann dental implants have been sold over 4 million times worldwide. It is one of the most trusted systems and is the result of more than 30 years of scientific experience. That’s why we are proud to have achieved Straumann Gold+ status.

Benefits of
dental implants


Permanent solution for missing teeth


System is durable and looks natural


Restores a natural bite


Can decrease discomfort from talking or chewing


Can help give you confidence in your smile

The allsopp smile difference

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Nervous about your procedure?

We use local anaesthetic to ensure you have a comfortable visit. But, if you’d like to fully relax during the experience, we do offer private IV sedation to our dental patients.

Think dental implants are right for you?

If you have missing teeth or think you could benefit from dental implants, reach out to book a consultation. Our experienced dentistry team will complete an assessment on the health of your teeth and jaws and discuss your treatment options with you.

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