Buccal braces

Traditional metal or ceramic braces - also called buccal braces - are an incredibly effective, affordable way to treat any number of orthodontic issues in children, teens, and adults.

How do they work?

Our modern braces are smaller and more comfortable than the treatments of yesteryear. Your braces treatment will use a combination of metal or ceramic brackets, archwires, and small elastic bands to apply gentle force to your teeth.

Buccal Braces

Our process

We’ll begin by safely and securely fitting the brackets to the front surface of your teeth before threading the metal archwire through them. This archwire will be intermittently tightened during your check-ups to help guide your teeth into place.

Buccal Braces

Customise your treatment

You can choose between strong and durable stainless steel brackets or tooth-coloured ceramic brackets. The latter is a much more discreet option that makes your braces less noticeable.

Benefits of buccal braces

  • Most affordable treatment available
  • Effective for all types of orthodontic issues
  • Suitable for children, teens, and adults
  • Durable and relatively easy to clean
  • Customisable, tooth-coloured option

Buccal Braces

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Buccal Braces