Early treatment

Here at Allsopp Smile, we believe healthy, beautiful smiles start at a young age. That’s why we recommend children have an orthodontic consultation from the age of seven.

Why are early consultations important?

The earlier we are able to identify existing or potential future misalignments that may occur, the more likely we can correct the issue swiftly and gently. Plus, we can help your child feel at ease in the dentist’s chair - an important step in creating a healthy oral care routine for years to come.

Braces for Childrens and Teens

Is treatment always required?

No. At this early stage, we’re simply taking a preventative approach. We won’t necessarily recommend treatment but rather advise you if/when orthodontic treatment should start.

Braces for Childrens and Teens

Braces for children and teens

Orthodontic treatment is extremely effective for young patients as the jaws are still soft and malleable. Often, they are required to wear braces or undergo Invisalign® treatments for a much shorter time than if the problem was left untreated until their adult years.

Braces for Childrens and Teens

Discreet options for growing smiles

Let them put their smile on display, not their orthodontic treatment. We are proud to offer multiple clear and nearly-invisible orthodontic solutions, such as ceramic braces for teens, hidden lingual braces, and Invisalign® clear aligners.

Braces for Childrens and Teens

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Our team is passionate about creating a warm, welcoming environment for our young patients. We promise to treat your family with the same care and respect we’d want for our own. See for yourself during a free consultation!

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Braces for Childrens and Teens

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Dr Allsopp is our family dentist. My late husband, myself and our 40-year-old children are grateful to him for our dazzling smiles and healthy teeth. A wonderful man supported by an excellent team.

Mrs S Mere Green