Early treatment at Allsopp Orthodontics

The health of your teeth is important right from day one. That’s why, at Allsopp Orthodontics, we recommend children have an orthodontic consultation from the age of seven. 

Early treatment

What do you look for at an early consultation?

If you bring your child in for an early consultation we’ll first ensure they’re at ease in the dentist’s chair. This is an important step as we want them to develop a comfortable relationship with us right from the beginning. We’ll then assess their teeth and jaws, looking for any growth abnormalities that may indicate extensive treatment is required later on. We want to avoid this for your child’s sake as much as yours.

Will treatment be required?

At this early stage, we’re taking a preventative approach. We won’t necessarily recommend treatment immediately but rather advise you when treatment should start. This will help to ensure we stop any orthodontic problems from becoming too great. If treatment is required, we’ll consult with you to make sure you’re informed about our recommendations. During the childhood and teenage years, orthodontic treatment is extremely effective as the jaws are still soft and malleable.

Earlyy treatment
Early treatment

Treatment for teenagers

At Allsopp Orthodontics we have a number of teenage patients who require orthodontic treatment. We understand that for many teenagers the last thing they want is to be seen wearing braces, which is why we’ll endeavour to recommend the most discreet treatment option available. This may be Invisalign, using clear, plastic aligners which are virtually invisible.

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